The 4th Is Strong With This Month

Greetings and salutations to all the other Star Wars fan boys out there. Today we celebrate the holiest day in the SW Fan Calendar – May the 4th. Though not a “holiday” of long-standing – in fact the first organized Star Wars Day celebration was only in 2011 – this day already holds great significance, and just serves to highlight how powerful “the force” of Star Wars truly is. Whether you’re a hardcore original trilogy fan, a more recent entrant into the fold (who didn’t think Phantom Menace was all that bad), or even one of the new generations, who will see Episode VII with fresh, un-jaded eyes, today we all come together to speak that most holy of phrases (and puns) “May the 4th Be With You”.

To celebrate, a few friends and I, went to that Mecca of geekdom, Forbidden Planet, located on Shaftesbury Avenue in Central London. To coincide with Star Wars Day there was a launch of “Vader’s Little Princess” by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, the second of the series (the first being Darth Vader and Son, which was released in 2012). Like the first book, it’s a humorous imagining of how it would have been had the Sith Lord been around to raise /babysit the founder/general of the Rebel Alliance as a tyke. Many copies are still available in the store, or you can purchase a copy from pretty much any book retailer online or go to

One of the little treats in store for us was a visit by a very familiar and ominous presence – The Sith Lord himself made an appearance to promote the launch of the book, along with two stormtrooper henchmen – And many children (and probably many more adults, like the three of us) got in line to get a picture to remember the day. It was quite a thrill to be captured and questioned by Lord Vader, though I must say, it really looked like he had let himself go (might be time for him to lay off the Alderaanian Ale and fried Gorak). Which led me to an interesting thought – Does the Death Star have a gym?

We also walked away with a bunch of free promotional comics and some small goodies. Not a bad day at all! I also acquired (hmm… that sounds like I stole something, I of course mean purchased) two books I can’t wait to read through – The Jedi Path and The Book of Sith – interesting observation, Jedi was #4 on the Forbidden Planet charts, while Sith was #2 – innate curiosity about the evil and mysterious or comment on our society?


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