NaPoWriMo – Day XXVIII – Black

The manifestation of death and mourning
Of the total absence of light
It is a color, yet it is not
It is the image of the night

It serves as the opposite
Of light and white and good
Yet it is also the image
Of all that is not understood

It signifies the unknown
The undiscovered, the unseen
It hides untold secrets
It epitomizes the serene

It is all that we see
When we close our eyes
Yet when we see it with them open
We are afraid of its guise

We fear what is not there
For what it may be
Yet we stand mesmerized
When our body shouts to flee

For in its great pools
There is untold potential
For in the absence of all other stimuli
You access thoughts existential

Some favor it
Some don’t
Some explore it
Some won’t

Some hide from its grasp
Surrounded by illumination
Not knowing not that the dark
Fears not such affectations

It is always around us
And always there it will remain
Awaiting your arrival
When you shut your eyes again

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