NaPoWriMo – Day XXIV – It’s All Good

He awoke
The sun pouring into his small dorm room
Like a warm waterfall
And it was good

He saw the papers on his desk awaiting him
Reminding him of the dreaded exam
But he wiped the thought from his mind
Because for now, it was good

He remembered his morning Espresso
How he loved that morning double before heading off to work
But for now, the Costa across the street was good

I’ll work after lunch he thought
Oops forgot to defrost the steak
But the cereal was good

He sat at his computer to write
He had many ideas swirling and dancing, yet not forming
I suppose free verse was good

There are some mornings life just can’t get you down
Not because you’re super happy
But rather because you’ve just gone numb

You don’t feel anxious
You don’t feel angry
You don’t feel

Is that good?



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