NaPoWriMo – Day XXI – What’s Your Fortune?

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to re-wtite Frank O’Hara’s “Lines for the Fortune Cookies” – essentially, it’s to write some off-the-wall Fortunes. Now while this was an interesting exercise, it was also surprisingly hard.

I wouldn’t say what followed was a poem per say – more like inconsistent and sporadic ramblings, loosely connected by the idea of being remotely (though not genuinely) prophetic.

You are not fat. Everyone else is too skinny.

Don’t you hate it when people don’t finish their

You should go for a walk.

Aren’t you going to eat the cookie?


Be nice to vegetarians. They have no idea how good Bacon is.

Your shoes are untied.

How much do you want a cupcake right now?

You will meet a beautiful woman on the bus. Too bad you’re into guys.

You should have picked the other door.

Life is the longest experience you will ever have.

I know its hard to smile sometimes, but try.

No one should ever eat Marmite!

Everyone knows that wasn’t the dog.

You will have another drink.

Confucius say, Stop misquoting me!

This fortune will change your life.

You will receive a small fortune.

She’s moved on, you should too.

You will tip 15%.

You too could be the premier of France, but do you really want to?

P.S. – On a side note, I know most people always just break open Fortune Cookies to get at the fortune – Am I the only one who really likes the taste of Fortune Cookies more than the fortunes?


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