NaPoWriMo – Day XX – Storyteller

Today NaPoWriMo challenge was to write a poem using any 5 of a list of 28 words randomly chosen by them. I guess I was feeling ambitious, because i went ahead and tried to tell a story using all of them. Hope you like it : )

There was once an owl named Ricard
Who every word he’d utter
Though he fancied himself quite the bard
Landed him a place in the gutter

He tried to take bilious comments
With a pinch of salt
In determination he was nonpareil
Though a dunderhead to a fault

So one day he did abscond
To the land of rodomontade
Chasing his dream of which he was fond
To have ego lavishly bathed

There he met a cyclops named Purt
Svelte and as seaweed in the tide
A cowbird by race and by birth
Willowy as a ghost floating by

Most mercurial by nature he did be
But by miraculous fate
In Ricard saw a friend did he
So they became the best of mates

No longer need you wander
Said Purt to his friend Ricard
Nor your gifts need you squander
Those critics you must discard

I know of an elusive grove
Where we’ll find a fallen log
Where the air smells like clove
In it a man named Quahog

Quahog has a great machine
Run by a generator of gold
That has rhymes umpteen
Like wine from it they flow

So to the grove they flew
Most of the journey upwind
Past artillery and scarring views
Feeling tired and chagrined

Till at last around a final curl
In the middle of a valley forgotten
A large meadow did unfurl
A log that lay as if forgotten

And there did Ricard finally meet
Quahog the fanciful, Quahog the liar
The teller of stories most sweet
Many names had this particular crier

Ricard did fall to his knees and ask
For help with his little dream
Please help me with my lifelong task
My worth I must redeem

Quahog sniffed the air and said
Tell me of your journey to this green gale
Then took a great bite of his truffle and cheese
And sat back to hear the tale

Ricard told of their flight
Of their hunting of field mice
Across blistering blight
Of almost being shot twice

At the end Quahog said with a smile
Your story was strong and true
I’ve listened to you for quite a while
There is nothing else that you need do

You are a storyteller my friend
That much is apparent
Your stories before were drivel in the end
Because your experiences were barren

Before searching for literary glory
Venture beyond where you dwell
Before writing a story
First find a story to tell


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