NaPoWriMo – Day XVIII – A Vicious Circle

You best dig two graves
Said a voice as he took arms to bear
For the road that you embark upon
Is a gritty, bloody affair

No man that ever revenged
Was made whole in heart or soul
Feeding a vengeful fire
Will always take its toll

Vengeance begets vengeance
An eye for an eye they say
You might be a villain tomorrow
Even if you’re a hero today

But words of wisdom seldom succeed
To calm a heart aflame
There is no balm to soothe
An inferno looking to place blame

So he took his sword and he plunged it
Into the hearts of his foes most hated
He stood bathed in their blood
But yet he was not sated

Turning from their bodies
He saw a figure frozen
A boy standing shivering
With fear and grief unspoken

He looked him in the eye
And saw tears that were once his own
He felt his anger melt
And transform into self-scorn

I have robbed you this day
Of home and heart, he said
I have stripped away your innocence
And shown you spiteful death

One day when you are stronger
You too by rage will be enslaved
But hear this boy, when you come for me
You best dig two graves


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