NaPoWriMo – Day XIV – An Ode To Batsy

Today’s challenge is to write a persona poem, i.e. a poem in the head of someone who isn’t me. The stuff I’ve been writing recently has been quite emotionally draining, so today I decided to do something a little more on the fun side. So here goes, a poem dedicated to one of my favorite heroes, written in the persona of one of his least favorite people.

Oh Batsy, how I love thee
Shall I count the ways
With an arrow through your head
Holding a live grenade!

How I enjoy our little rivalry
It’s cute to see you try
To stop the growing madness
The flames climbing to the sky

Gotham is my playground
Surely you know by now
The only reason you’re not dead
Is it’s too much fun to have you around

But remember little Jason?
My wasn’t that some joy
I wish you’d been there Batsy
As I beat the life out of that boy

And to think that he came back
And stole my old look
Good to hear you stopped him
He was going a bit off book

What game shall we play next?
Maybe I’ll team up with Bane
Maybe I’ll kill the commissioner
Maybe I’ll kidnap Mr. Wayne

I don’t know why they say I’m crazy
I’m the sanest man I know
I don’t waste my time chasing fame
I don’t sacrifice love for dough

I’m an artist, a playwright
Here to herald your doom
I’ve got a surprise for you Batsy
3…2…1… BOOM!


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Day XIV – An Ode To Batsy

    • A bit I suppose. I always thought Joker was a far more human and realistic character than people imagined (especially after reading “The Killing Joke”), though we may not want to admit it, there’s a little bit of crazy inside all of us ; p

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