NaPoWriMo – Day XIII – Choose

Life is about choices
Ones made, regretted or rejoiced
Ones made in the face of the world
Ones hidden and un-voiced

You chose who you were
Who you are, who you will be
You choose to be bound by others’ choices
You can choose to be free

You choose to let the past haunt you
You choose to let the future be scary
You may have not chosen to have your heart broken
But you choose to let it grow wary

You choose to mope and bitch
You choose to resign to fate
You choose to let feelings fester
You choose to hate

You choose every moment
Choose something different today
Choose life and love and friendship
Choose the brightest day

Today I choose to change
Today I choose to grow
Today I choose to learn
Today I choose to know

Today I choose to start afresh
Today I choose to be happy
Today I choose to stop letting others define my joy
Today I choose me

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