NaPoWriMo – Day XI – Tanka Truth

In a far off land
Where the sun shines not often
Lives a boy – Victor
“I miss my home and my hearth
How I long to be back there”

A lawman by trade
Victor lives each day in dread
That he is alone
“I wish you were here with me
I’d give anything for that”

But he must go on
For people depend on him
And life is not fair
“If only I did not care
’bout what they wanted for me”

But one day he hopes
For the opportunity
To right things again
“I’ll do right by you one day
If God will give me the chance”

Till then he’ll live life
That’s all that he can do
Nothing else matters
“Life goes on, as it has to
Next time, I won’t let you go”

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