NaPoWriMo- Day X – Venting

Oh how I love thee
Shall I describe the ways?

Like the taste of expired mayonnaise
Eaten with a rusty spoon
Like a hard-boiled Egg
Eaten a minute too soon

Like overly friendly dogs
That slobber all over your face
Like having a King high flush
When the other guy has an Ace

Like having nothing in the fridge to eat
In the middle of the night
Like missing out on that one red sock
That fell in with a load of whites

Like balloons that pop in your face
When you’re attempting to blow ’em
Like bouncers who don’t believe you’re 25
Until you fish out an ID and show ’em

Like nails on a chalkboard
Or forks on a plate
Like waiting outside your girlfriend’s house
Coz she’s running 20 minutes late

Like mustard on my hotdog
Or mushrooms on my ‘Za
Like that girl in class who asks too many questions
And three-hooked bras

Now I wouldn’t quite say I hate you
Hate’s a word too strong
But I definitely un-love you
“Limited Profile” is where you belong

You have no idea this poem is about you
How could you, “you’re just so hot”
You have no idea this poem is about you
Coz you’re not one person, you’re a lot


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