NaPoWriMo – Day IX – Les Femmes Sont Le Mystere

Like most stories of betrayal and pain
Ours starts with a beautiful dame
She walked through the front door one day
And life was never the same

She was in trouble, aren’t they always
She had  a mystery for me to unravel
She had a fella needed pinning down
So I went and hit the gravel

In the end there was no fella
Least not one I ever met
And some how in helping her out
I got myself caught in her net

Dames is a beautiful thing they say
They’ll play you like a fiddle
They is an agonizing enigma
Wrapped in a pretty little riddle

Shoulda kept my nose out of it
Should’ve let her walk right off
But something about her innocent smile
Made me turn soft

Yeah I fell real hard
And she took me to bed
Man was I a fool
Must’ve been outta my head

Next morning I woke
Not a sign of hide or hair
She disappeared like a phantom
In the cold night air

Never found out what she wanted
Why she ever knocked on my door
But I’m still hoping
She’ll come knocking once more

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