NaPoWriMo – Day VII – A Valediction: Leaving Behind A Virtue

I still dream
Of days filled with laughter
Of stolen moments
And playing hooky

I still hope
For a life once promised
For happiness desired
And your smile

I still wish
That I was a better man than I was then
That I had been stronger
And held on

But this world is not dreams and hopes and wishes

And I can no longer wait

I do not have the patience

I must wake from dreams
To move forward
Live the life that lies ahead
And no longer look behind

I must move past hope
To build real things
Friendships and relationships
That will see me through years ahead

I must forget my wishes
And find genuine ties
Not just the ones that haunt my heart
And this time remember hold on

I must do the one thing I cannot bring myself to do

I must say goodbye

I must let you go

I think I feel better

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