NaPoWriMo – Day VI – Sweet Dreams

I sit, transfixed
Blocked and confused
Not knowing what to write
Not knowing what to do

Thoughts betray feelings
I had tried to leave behind
Memories I had hoped
Were ushered from my mind

Dreams so pleasant
So happy and so warm
That they make me feel even worse
Once the day has dawned

I would write a hundred sonnets
Of nature’s beauty and grace
Of Trees and the Wind
If I could forget her face

I have obsessed so long
That the truth is now but a mirage
My feeling stand transformed
Hidden, even to me, ‘neath a facade

What is it to love?
Have I ever truly known?
Who have I become?
Have I really grown?

Or am I still a boy
Wanting what he has not
Crying over a toy
That some other boy got

I hope it is not so
I would wish more from me than such
I would hope to act a man
I don’t think that’s asking much

For now alas this point
Stands moot and close to chest
Till hearts at last are traded
And character put to the test

Till then I wait and ponder
Of yesteryear and year ahead
Till then I hope at least of sweet dreams
When I lay upon my bed

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