NaPoWriMo – Day IV – On To The Gamer Disco

Geeks and hipsters
Look at them abound
Mario Party, Mario Kart
Lets have another round

Street fighter in the corner
Guile’s the man for me
But if you ask my brother
He prefers Chun Li

There’s an 8-bit beat
Flowing through the air
There’s a Lego Darth Vader
In that girl’s hair

There’s Wii in the back
Lets play till we’re sore
I took the fitness test
It said I was 84

I have your wand, I have his sword
Lets do and play
And shame on you dear reader
If you thought that sounded gay

Another laugh, another joke
Another round at this table
Surely they have Dragon Age?
Surely they have Fable?

Time to go now, drink up
We’ll all be back again
This time we were foes
Next time we’ll be friends


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