Untitled Work (A Sequel)

There are words trapped inside me
They beat fiercely against the inside of my chest
Demanding to be freed
To be let out

But I daren’t let them go
Lest they be seen by eyes
That still hold the power to pierce through my heart
Though they have not looked upon my face in an eon

Lest they bring about the wrath
Of a heart rebuilt
After being torn asunder
Or worse yet, its pity

But their’s is not to listen to reason
Theirs’s is to riot and shake
To throw themselves against the walls of my psyche
To break me, bit by bit

Walls that have been built to keep them quiet
To hide them
Away from the light of day
Behind the facade of a smile

Walls of brick and mortar
Held together by waning will
Walls that serve to ebb the tides
But cannot halt them

One day the levies will break
One day the walls will come crashing down
One day the prisoners will be freed from their icy prison
One day they will tear through

Now there is but the question of when…


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