The Sunday Poll – What Happens When You Die?

I spend my fair share thinking about death. Not an inordinate amount (I hope!). The thing that really scare me about it is that there is really absolutely no way of knowing what happens next. I’m not a religious person, I prefer the triumph of rational thinking over faith, but the idea that we exist and then we just don’t… It just doesn’t feel like its enough.


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Poll – What Happens When You Die?

  1. As an atheist, I imagine auto-assumption of my answer is “Nothing” but that’s not true.
    I can’t say with even remote certainty that any of the 3 listed here are true or even more likely than another – so I maintain that it could be any or all of these and for all I know, it could simply be all at the same time where your after-life is determined simply by what you believe.

    • I like the idea that everyone’s afterlife will actually be a manifestation of their belief. Sort of like in Supernatural where everyone has their own heaven based on what their heart believes is heaven.

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