Djibouti Jokes

I was speaking to someone yesterday about how I often have “blonde moments” where I find the most ridiculous things and I was reminded of a particular favorite – the time I was doing the crossword and there was a clue which referenced “Djibouti”, a country in the “horn of Africa”. Some people might agree that this is a funny name for a country, possibly no funnier than Bangkok or Lake Titikaka, but I don’t think anyone has quite run with it like I have ; p

So without further ado – my Djibouti (pronounced jee-boo-ti, in case you hadn’t picked up on the joke yet) Jokes – sorry to any Djiboutians for making you the butt of my jokes (ha!):

  1. Is it really hot in Djibouti?
  2. I would really like to visit Djibouti.
  3. I enjoy being in Djibouti.
  4. I once lost my passport and got stuck in Djibouti
  5. Djibouti is really beautiful in the moonlight
  6. How big is Djibouti?
  7. When it rains, does Djibouti get wet?
  8. Pirates are particularly attracted to Djibouti
  9. Djibouti shakes really hard when there’s an earthquake
  10. Did you hear about the explosion? Yeah apparently there was a massive bang in Djibouti yesterday!
  11. Women don’t like it when you try to enter Djibouti
  12. Do I need protection if I’m in Djibouti?
  13. Is it crowded in Djibouti?

There are a lot more, but I decided to stay away from the particularly crude ones ; p

Anyone got more?


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