Immortalised on the Underground

Like the art on the London Underground? Well here’s your chance to become a part of it.

“Art on the Underground” is looking for a volunteer to become immortalised in a piece of commissioned art to be displayed in the form of a poster on the London Underground, celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Tube. The project is a part of a series of commissioned works which will be displayed in various Tube stations, including Mark Wallinger’s Labyrinth, a series of 270 works, the first of which is already displayed in St. James’ Park station. So if you’re interested in the idea of becoming mildly famous – I’m betting you’ll get a lot of “You look really familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?” – enter the fray and throw your hat in the ring.

Though I doubt I will apply myself  (I’m a bit camera-shy – prefer to stay behind the lens) I think it’s a great idea to have an average everyday commuter immortalised on the tube. In my opinion they should select a small group of individuals – to highlight the diversity of this great city. I don’t see how one face alone could really capture the people of London – but then again, it is the artist’s prerogative, I’m hardly one to comment on someone else’s process. I look forward to seeing the work once it’s finished – wonder who the lucky winner will be – it could be you!

A little bit about the programme running this competition – Art on the Underground is a programme run with the cooperation of Transport for London is a project that aims at giving international contemporary artists a unique platform (pun intended) to exhibit their work and at the same time give the masses who commute everyday something pretty to look at. Personally I think it’s a marvelous idea. Seeing beautiful and intricate murals, reading poetry or  seeing a new piece of artwork can give you something interesting to look at or think about, not to mention liven up your day and make the commute to work or class pass a bit faster.

The competition closes March 20th 2013 at 11.59pm and is open to all UK residents aged over 18. So if you’re interested go check out Art on the Underground and fill in the form. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and have a look at the waiver form though (he said knowing that almost no one would ; p)



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