Little Jack Scorner

Little Jack has an elder brother
Little Jack hates him very much
He fights with him
He mocks him
He refutes any attempt at camaraderie

But Little Jack’s brother doesn’t hate him
No. He loves him very much
He knows he has made mistakes
But he tries very hard
It isn’t easy

Little Jack was unhappy
His father didn’t listen to him
He felt trapped
So Little Jack’s brother stood up for him
He argued and he spoke back
He and his mother changed Little Jack’s father’s mind

Now Little Jack does what he wants
He has a nice house
And great new friends
And he lives in a beautiful far away land

But Little Jack is still unhappy
He is still angry
He still fights and spits venom
He alienates and offends

It isn’t easy
To reach out to someone who refuses to be reached
To help someone who doesn’t want to be helped
It isn’t easy

Little Jack’s brother doesn’t know what to do
But he still loves him very much


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