The 10 Best Movie Kisses

Alright so its V-Day, or possibly D-Day for those of you who forgot it was coming up and haven’t gotten that special someone that special something. Though I find myself single this Valentine’s, I am still a hopeless romantic at heart, so I decided to do a Valentine themed post after all. It was also inspired in part by a story I saw in yesterday’s Evening Standard about a survey that revealed that the spagetti-eating scene from Lady and the Tramp was Britain’s favorite screen kiss (awwwwww). So here we go. Here are my Top 10 – the raunchy, the sweet, the make you melt in your seat.

10. Batman and Robin (1997) – I have to admit while I’m not really attracted to Uma Thurman, I really wanted to kiss Poison Ivy ; p

9. Casper (1995) – Poor kid. He dies young so he never gets to grow up and do all the things everyone does. Then he has the chance to come back to life, but gives it up for the sake of his crush. Well at least he got to be a real boy for one day and got this super kiss from a cute Christina Ricci.

8. Spiderman (2002) – The upside down kiss – this has been parodied and copied the heck out of since. But for good reason. It was a nice touch for the film – very spidey! And the added element of the rain and wet clothing – money!

7. Wild Thing (1998) – ’nuff said right guys?

6. My Girl (1991) – The ever cute first childhood kiss. I didn’t have one myself (well not that I can remember) but its one of those movie moments that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Recommended for watching with that special someone. SPOILER ALERTMacauley bites it in the movie so its pretty sad.

5. Juno (2007) – Well you just gotta love a girl who is bad-ass enough to flip off passers by as he hacks with her socially awkward cutie

4. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – Leia planting one on Solo as he is about to be frozen in carbonate. Poor guy, if things weren’t confusing enough for him already. “Wait. What. I thought you liked Luke!”

3. Back to the Future (1985) – Pumped from his recent vanquishing of his arch rival, when George McFly lays one on his future bride, thus saving our hero from a near vanishing, you can’t help but go yay!

2. Lady and the Tramp (1955) – Yes it definitely makes my list too, even if it didn’t make it number 1. Its just such an unbelievably cute moment when the two lovers sharing a plate of spaghetti find themselves sharing their first kiss. And when he rolls over the meatball to her with his nose – heart melting :’ )

1. Jerry Maguire (1996) – Who hasn’t wanted a “You had me at Hello” moment of their own.  The punch-drunk lover who seems to be spiraling comes back to fight for his love, who accepts him as he is, mess and all.

Honorouble Mention – Sarah Michelle Geller and Selma Blair from Cruel Intentions – Though also a riveting screen kiss, I felt like I already had one of these one there.

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