The Sunday Poll – Pepsi or Coke?

Ok Sunday was a really busy day – I went to China Town to see the Chinese New Years Day Parade (pictures coming soon!) and then spent the entire day – approximately 12 consecutive hours! – playing board/card games at my friends place (heaven!). So the poll is a day late. Sorry : )

This one is a simple one, but a goodie – Does it come down to Brand Loyalty? Flavor?  Habit?


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Poll – Pepsi or Coke?

  1. Honestly? Don’t drink either except for as a mixer now and again – in which case Coke works better since it seems less painfully sweet and has more fizz. So suppose it gets my vote here.

    • I’ve done my best to go off the stuff too. Too many emptty calories. But I must admit that once in a while its quite refreshing to have a nice glass of Cola with load of ice. In India I used to primarily prefer Pepsi, but for some reason since moving here I’ve been more partial to Coke. Of course there are differences in the formula, but the Pepsi here just doesn’t taste as good, while the Coke in India doesn’t taste sweet enough.

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