Adventures in House Sitting: Part 1

So a friend of mine is out of town for a conference and while she’s gone I’m minding her place and her dog. I know, I know. What a great friend and genuinely benevolent human being I am right? I really don’t mind, I mean she has a very nice place in Notting Hill and I welcome the change of pace and scenery. I must admit that being cooped up in my room has been particularly trying over the last week or two. My insomnia seems to running crazy and the sleep cycle is completely out of whack. But hey, such is the life of a student right? We begin to turn into primarily nocturnal creatures. And her dog is just the cutest. Madra (that’s Gaelic for dog. Apt!) is a very sweet dog, even though since her mommy seems to have left she isn’t quite her excitable and bark-ey self.

Other than chilling on the couch earlier with Madra watching some TV, it has been a bit of a cluster-fudge of a day (Ok that’s not the word I actually want to use, but I’m trying to keep this blog fairly PG 13). Notting Hill is a fair ride away from Mile End, so imagine my chagrin when I had to trek all the way back because I forgot my formal shoes, which I need for a reception I have to attend tomorrow at The National Liberal Club. And of course it wasn’t till I made it out of the tube station at Mile End that I realized I had left my room keys back at my friend’s place. Hooray for sheer stupidity! Thank god my friend had a pair he doesn’t need tomorrow and he happens to be the same size as me (One of the main advantages of living on campus – borrowing stuff in a pinch). Otherwise I would have had to go all the way back in the morning tomorrow before the first of my two 2 hour lectures.

Back at Notting Hill now I am finally able to put my feet up and relax in front of the TV while I wait for my kebabs to be delivered. Madra definitely seemed to enjoy the meal left for her by her mummy, its got me quite hungry now! I used this site my friend recommended – Hungryhouse – which was so easy and fast. It let’s you browse all the restaurants in the area and order online – you can even pay with your card. Man there were definitely some nights in Delhi I would have loved to have such a convenient service at my very fingertips. I definitely recommend checking it out!


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