The Sunday Poll – Superman vs The Green Lantern

So I’ve decided to introduce a regular segment in my blog, in the hopes of continuity/making sure I regularly get on here. People who read blogs don’t always comment so it gets hard to know how they feel on the issues I may be blogging about, so I decided to go with a poll! Its a quick and easy way to get to know what people think and hopefully you’ll all take the quick second or two to chime in. Let the games begin!

Right, so for the inaugural poll I’m going with one of my favorite debates of all time – Superman vs The Green Lantern: Who would win in a fight?

Quick points to keep in mind:

  • Which Green Lantern you have in mind will of course effect your answer, so just go with your favorite.
  • We’re working on the presumption that GL’s ring is at least at the peak of Hal Jordan’s reign – timeline wise – thus no Yellow or Wood weakness
  • This is not necessarily a fight to the death, so that can’t be a factor against Supe

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Poll – Superman vs The Green Lantern

  1. I know how you feel about the limited comments and never being certain about what you’re posting up man, too familiar!

    Well this argument comes down to two simple things for me:
    1. Are they in range of active sunlight (in space/daytime) or night. In a night/sunless scenario, the GL has a better shot as Supes can be made to run out of energy, though this is a long-long-shot as he stores a lot in his body.

    2. While a GL is insanely formidable, Superman is the guy who can move planets if he pushes himself so if he were to really cut loose – not including an intent to kill either, just going full bore – I’d say despite giving as good as he’s getting, whichever GL you pick will likely get his arse handed to him in the end.

    Bottom line : Superman wins. (Unless the GL can replicate Kryptonite down to the molecular level and more and recreate it whole including radiation)

    • It always seems to come down to kryptonite. Though I think even without it GL could beat Supe. I mean there are plenty of villains who have laid a thrashing on Superman without the use of Red, Green or Yellow Kryptonite – Darkseid, Doomsday, even Lobo gave him a run for his money. Still, Hal Jordan re-started the sun once, so if push came to shove I think he could recreate some Green stuff, radiation and all. Or, if we went with Kyle Rainer, the boy is mad creative – he could create a machine that drains the energy from him or a cage that blocks the sun’s rays – though I just don’t see him as having the chops to go against Supe.

      • Know what you mean but the ones who’ve bested supes most convincingly are always the ones who can go at him pound for pound – it’s a slug-fest and while GL’s can take a beating I’ve read enough to know that supes can punch hard enough to crack through (even if its temporary) the GL body shield-glow-thingy… do that a few times combined with super speed and enouhg broken bones and damage and I imagine it would be hard to concentrate on ring projections.
        That said!
        If I had to pick a GL who had the best chance against Superman, I’d put John Stewart as the one with the best chance followed by a tie between Guy and Hal. I agree with you about Kyle being good but not that good.

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