Byron’s Burgers

I’m really not much of a foodie. In fact compared to most of my friends I’m pretty fickle when it comes to cuisine (though in my defense this is mostly because I don’t find the taste, texture of smell of seafood at all appealing, and this does eliminate a lot of ‘exotic” fare). But one thing I cant definitely appreciate is a good burger. So I decided I’d blog about one of my favorite burger places in London – Byron. Now Byron is a chain, which I suppose puts off a lot of people (Hipster alert!), but personally I don’t think that just because there’s more than one of something (over a dozen locations in London alone!), it makes it any less. The burgers aren’t terribly expensive, nor are they in the everyday price range of a student, but if you’re looking to treat yourself its not such a bad buy.

I personally prefer the Byron, a delicious hamburger topped with mature cheddar, dry cure bacon and their own Byron sauce. Its mouth watering and sizable. I have never once been there and not left satisfied. They also have a great Chilli Burger, a bit messy, but worth it. Their Courgette Fries are a great side to have with your burger, light and salty they don’t leave you feeling as bloated as normal potato fries, though if you’re not familiar with the texture you may not be a fan, some aren’t. But the thing that really drives me wild about this place is the amazing Oreo Cookie Milkshake – served in a chilled metal tumbler – it really has the feel of an old style american diner. They’re so good that I usually can’t help but have two!

So if you’re ever around one and feel like treating yourself I recommend you jump in. In my experience the wait staff is always friendly and the food is fast. But like I said, its not terribly friendly on the wallet, especially if you’re on a student budget.

Hmmm… After writing this post I find myself craving this combo. I think it’s time to check the nearest location!


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