The Green Nightlight?

I just spent the last twenty minutes or so reading the webcomic “JL8” – a fresh and, I must say, cute vision of beloved DC heroes (and some villains) as tiny tots. Independent comic book artist Yale Stewart has done an amazing job of portraying the characters we know and love in a not so familiar setting while managing to retain many of the familiar dynamics and characteristics. Its a very interesting take and I now find myself eagerly looking forward to the next strip (updates every Monday and Thursday).

Usually I peruse web comics at random (usually at 3 AM when I find myself unable to sleep – much like this night) but don’t follow them. Even if they do have a continues storyline or running gags, which many of them don’t, it still quite unusual to find one that blends interesting story telling with pleasing illustrations. And even rarer to find one that uses childhood favorites. I think the only other times I’ve been this taken by a webcomic was the HISHE series and maybe Awkward Zombie (which drew me in with its Zelda, Super Smash Bros. and Skyrim strips).

Anyway, apart from JL8 Stewart has a number of other comics to peruse. I am personally reserving these for another time, lest I overindulge and grow tired of him too soon, but I definitely recommend a read on this series. Go now to the JL8 Tumblr Page.

P.S. Fans of a certain eternal may be psyched (as I definitely was) by a two strip cameo from a certain “Mr. Neil” ; )

2 thoughts on “The Green Nightlight?

  1. Hadn’t really read it but might do just for the heck of it.
    By the way, you inclined to review webcomics fortnightly? If you are, let me know I could use another writer. Now that we’re starting our own webcomic too, I think we should have been reviewing existing ones like these, just didnt have enough folks. 😛

    • Yeah man that sounds good. Fortnightly shouldn’t be a problem. Shoot me an email with details of what kind of arrangement/commitment you’re looking at – what kind of reviews, rating system (?), how to decide what to review – that kind of stuff.

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