Visions of White

Staring out my window this morning I was caught quite off guard by a sight that was altogether new to me (well in real life anyway). Looking out over Regent’s Canal I saw a blanket of white covering everything in sight – the pathway, the jutting bricks on the wall across the canal and even the branches of the trees. My first thought as I looked at the falling snow dance upon the ever present london breeze was, “Oh man. That’s beautiful,” followed immediately by, “Hmmm… My all purpose, wear them everywhere, Adidas Originals aren’t going to cut it anymore.”

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Snow. Well, not counting many years ago when I went to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hamstead for some tobogganing and some Snowboarding lessons (which most definitely did not take). Though I must admit, I was rather hoping it would get like this around Christmas – that would have been pretty epic! Still, being here, staring at the snowflakes as they cascade from above and rest upon my windowsill, I’m reminded that its never too late in life to have new experiences. I know most of you think thats not much of an epiphany coming from a 25 year old, but coming from Delhi (where its hot 9 months out of the year, and even when the temperature dips below 0 you don’t see snow-covered treetops but rather, thanks to the fog, you see nothing at all ) I never thought watching the city turn white outside my window would be part of a normal day for me.

As beautiful as it is out there however, I’m tempted to hide inside with my cup of tea and just watch the passers-by rather than actually brave the winds. I must admit that I’ve recently felt rather unequipped to cope with the weather. The rain and gray skies I could manage, heck in Delhi I don’t think there actually is ONE rainy season, it pretty much just rains when it pleases! But the fierce winds (the exact opposite of our loos) and the dropping temperatures really are a force to reckon with. I don’t how these runners take to the streets in their shorts or how women in the city manage to walk around in dresses or skirts, even if they are wearing warm leggings. As tough as it is for me though, I think some of my friends from even warmer climates, the Spanish ones especially, are having a real tough time adjusting.

The current snow fall, best I can make out, is very light. If I had to venture a guess I would say maybe a Centimeter, possibly more depending on where you are. Though if it snows all day, and there seems to be a 70-80% chance of that, according to my iPhone weather app, then hopefully there will be enough by the evening to pelt some friends with snowballs! I have to admit, watching Hollywood movies growing up I always wanted to do the snow-day standards – build a snowman, lie in the snow and make snow angels, and of course construct an awesome and impregnable snow fort. Well, I say growing up, but if there are was enough powder out there right now there’s a decent chance I’d be doing just that, no matter how many funny looks I got. So if you’re around the Queen Mary Mile End campus area and you happen to spot me, you might want to duck (insert evil laugh here).

Hmmm… I just realized that I’ve spent this entire time talking about the weather and relishing my tea. I suppose I’m becoming a real London-er after all eh?

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