“Alive and Well”

A lot of stuff can happen
In a span of 10 years
Time can heal wounds
And dry staining tears

Memories can change
And feelings can too
Till you no longer remember
How she left you

And one day you wake
Feeling no sadness
And you ask yourself
What is this madness

How can I forget
Someone so important
Whose time in my life
Fate so harshly shortened

Am I some monster
Bereft of feeling
Or is this just my heart
Doing some healing

Is it human nature
To move on and prosper
And slowly block the memory
Of the day that you lost her

Forgotten but yet never so
No sickness or pain
Just sunshine and rainbows
No dark clouds or rain

In memories she lives
In hearts that swell
As long I love her
She remains alive and well


One thought on ““Alive and Well”

  1. Very poignant. Alive and well in our hearts and minds indeed. After all, our body is merely a temporary vessel. The true and endless mark of an individual is through their soul. Rest well, Ayesha.

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