15 movies you may have not heard of but should watch

Alright so a friend of mine asked me to suggest a few movies to him, out of my proverbial “top 10”. I’m sure most of you would recognize a fair portion of the movies I initially suggested. They are the standards that don any of our “Best” lists – Shawshank, Goodfellas, Snatch, Lock Stock, etc. etc.

But I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t also suggest some of many movies that I have come across over the years which, for one reason or the other have really stood out in memory. Whether it is because of endearing characters, shaking performances, imaginative plots or just some “je ne said quoi” quality, these movies have stayed with me and so now I present a list (in no particular order) of 15 such movies. I hope that you’ll check some of them out and find your new favorites!

DISCLAIMER: If you are a film buff you may find yourself insulted at the idea that you wouldn’t have heard of these movies – But this is more for the average consumer – who for lack of major worldwide releases or friends with a penchant for the fringe may not always stumble upon such flicks.

1. Abbott & Costello’s The Naughty Nineties: A classic from the old days of Black and White slapstick comedy – Contains the legendary “Who’s on First” routine

2. Alien Autopsy: Supposedly based on a true story this films explores what has gone down in history as one of the most elaborate hoaxes of all time.

3. Burke and Hare: A black comedy about 19th century grave robbers.

4. Clue: Based on the beloved board game, a comic mystery.

5. Detroit Rock City: A must watch for KISS fans, or just guys in general.

6. Frequently asked Questions about Time Travel: Fancy yourself an imagineer? Interested in the intricacies of Time Travel and Paradoxes? Well this might be right up your alley!

7. Mystery Team: A light hearted comedy about a group of friends, refusing to grow up and solving neighborhood “mysteries”.

8. Operation Endgame: A tale of intrigue, with a mix of action, drama and depending on your point of view, comedy.

9. Semi Pro: A hilarious story of a man whose love for the game of Basketball far surpassed his talent. A lesser known Will Ferrell movie.

10. The People vs Larry Flynt: The story of one man’s empire and his life-long battle with the forces of censorship in the US.

11. The Trotsky: An eccentric movie about an eccentric boy, following (literally) in the footsteps of his soviet hero.

12. Tucker and Dale vs Evil: A movie that flips the concept of the Hillbilly Horror on its head. Hilarious and gory.

13. The Amistad: A heavy drama featuring themes of law, slavery and interracial understanding and friendship.

14. The Infidel: A dramedy that focuses on the concept of self-identity

15. Brotherhood of the Wolf: A French film (yeah so expect to read subtitles unless you know the language) about two men investigating mysterious and violent deaths from a folk-lore beast and the battle between the church and the “dark” forces of sado-masochism.


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