Rockin out with the D!

“Have you ever had your ass waxed? It hurts. But then it feels good, really good. Well that a lot like our next act.” This was the intro to Tenacious D’s performance of Tribute, their first song I ever heard, some 5 years ago. Then in 2006 came “The Pick of Destiny”, the movie masterpiece starring the incomparable JB and KG. And yesterday, October 24th 2012, I got to witness their glory in person.

I caught the last concert by Tenacious D on their ‘Rize of the Fenix’ Tour 2012 at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was easily one of the best gigs I have ever been to! The beauty of the D is that they are far different from your usual rock band. Yes they do rock. There’s no debate about that. But they are more than that. They are funny, and entertaining and just plain fun. They have a crazy sense of humor and their concert definitely showcased their particular brand of rock-comedy.

With the exception of “The Pick of Destiny”, the title track from their 2006 movie, they played every song that I was looking forward to. From Tribute to Dude to F**K Her Gently, their set list definitely did not disappoint a fan of many years who has been psyched about this night since he heard they were performing while he was in town.

And in a sheer moment of sick brilliance, the concert ended with the backdrop piece (which was Phoenix shaped oddly similar to male genitalia) lowering itself and shooting out hundreds of pieces of confetti, with pictures of individual spermatozoa (with Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ faces on them) all over the crowd. How very D!

On a side note: There was a surprise appearance by Julian Barratt (star of the show ‘The Mighty Boosh’) during a jazzy number that the band decided to throw into their repertoire. His presence may have been lost on many of the attendees but for a fan of the niche comedy show, it was quite a treat.

Once again Apollo you have shown me a great time indeed. I believe this may just be the beginning of a wonderful courtship : )


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