Coward of the County

A coward, A coward

A coward is he?

Who so in pain,

Doth not the silent killer seek? 


Is valiant, so valiant

This Knight you speak?

So mirrored by all,

In Admiration is he?


So forgotten, not gotten

So left aside is he?

Who so desperately,

Sought some comfort did he…


Some pillow or shoulder,

Or arm did he seek,

That in the cold did his hand,

In the fog blindly wish to meet


Some friendly face

Or smile did assure,

He is not yet redundant

Though this new one did soar


Oh so blindly,

And emptily did he pray

And if they ask did tomorrow,

Nothing shall he say…


She is gone, so is he

And they have no more,

Sides have been chosen,

And they Have No More

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