What A 1st! Part II

So where was I? Oh yeah!So after I finished my lunch meeting I had an hour or so to kill before heading off to Garden of Five Senses so I decided to head home. It was about then that my friend Noor called and said that my other friend Shriya, who was also supposed to be coming, was burnt out from a long day so she was out of the plan. Seeing as it wasn’t really her bag to begin with, Noor bailed too. So I found myself with two extra passes and 800 rupees outta pocket. I ofcourse attempted to sell those two passes to some friends who I met there, but since they came with Gaurav (who had performed the day before) they got in for free. So I was 6 free beers up and 800 rupees down. But, I’m happy to say, that was the only disappointing thing about the night.

The most suprsing part I’d say was running into some old friends, people I hadn’t seen in ages (including a friend from school who used to carpool with me to Tae-Kwon-Do classes). It was fun futzing around with a bunch of college friends, the members of Lazy River (my juniors from St. Stephen’s), Adhir and Shiv (former Silhouette team members and members of Five8) and of course the usual suspects that show up at gig in Delhi. And though I found no dearth of company there, I still couldn’t help but miss my mates (idiots that they were to ditch me, humph!) and ofcourse it was torture being there on my anniversary without Pattie. Just wasn’t the same shouting “We love you Adhir!” and “Look at me Chayan!” without her : (

The evening was truly exceptional. Each successive band managed to draw the audiences out of their seats more and more (though I’m sure the increasing consumption of Kingfisher every hour also contributed) and as the sun set the stage truly came alive with lights and energy. And the highlight for quite a few  I’m sure was during TAAQ’s set when Kingfiser declared open bar. After about a minute of applause and slow “just for show” hesitance there was a stampede people rushing to the two Kingfisher stands and walking away with 2-3 pints each. What a sight I swear! We Indians love free stuff, and if its alchohol? Forget about it!

The line up was pretty damn good too- Blank Noise – Lazy River – Five8 – Advaita – Thermal And A Quarter.
The first of these I had never heard before and even though my friends didn’t think too much of them, I thought they were some pretty talented kids. The vocalist sang in both Hindi and English, which alone is difficult, and some of the guitar solos were pretty sweet. They need some work I’d say before they’re really tight, but all-in-all enjoyable.

Lazy River played some nice tracks, but their particular style is not really much my style. They got a pretty decent reception from the crowd though and the lighting looked pretty awesome by that point because it had finally gotten dark enough.
Five8 really kicked butt though. Their music was high-energy and me and the other Five8 groupies section were hooting and applauding throughout. Best part was they played their two signature songs – Away and Wake Me Up When It’s Tomorrow (not an attempt to categorise them of course, just my favourite two tracks) which they couldn’t lay down during their gig at Turquoise Cottage in the Great Indian Rock pre-show.
The girls went crazy when Advaita came on. There were three exceptionally drunk girls (and one guy) who were screaming Chayan’s name throughout their set. They didn’t play Durga, which I was bummed about, but all-in-all they did such an amazing job.
Last, but definitely not least, Thermal And A Quarter was the bomb. They sounded just as sweet as I remember them when I came for my very first concert at India Habitat Centre. They sounded tight and everyone was just swaying and singing along. A beautiful finish to a beautiful night.

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