What A 1st!

Yesterday was one hell of a day. The Great Delhi Run, an awesome concert, meeting long-lost friends and acquaintances. Let me paint you a picture…

31st night was a long one. After a long day of trying, but failing, to study and a nerve-wracking but finally fun Phase II meeting, I went over to Pattie’s to say goodbye as she finished packing for her 4 day trip to Switzerland. As plagued as I was by the thought that she wasn’t going to be here for our 1 year Anniversary, I’m damn proud of her for getting herself chosen for such a great opportunity. By the time I actually got home, I was exhausted. Attempted to sleep that night but even that was a luxury I wasn’t much afforded, which was perfect ofcourse because its not like I had to run 7.5 kms the next day or anything. Oh Wait, I DID!

7:30 on the dot I sprang from my bed, jumped in the shower and put on my dad’s running shoes that I borrowed (and am yet to return ; p) and sped my way towards Ashoka Hotel. Much easier said than done. After I crossed Zakhir Hussain Marg, every road was blocked or cordoned off because of the marathon and the cops ofcourse were no help at all. Every turn I was told to take the next one, only to find it cordoned off too. I finally just gave up, parked my car next Parliament and took the shuttle service to Ashoka.
The run itself was quite a bit of fun. There were hordes of eager (and very loud) Delh-ites vehemently cheering for their respective companies and NGO’s. There were elaborate costumes, gigantic banners, whistles, flags and even bright Pink wigs (Mary Kay). The novelty of it was fun at first, and I understand that they were all there just trying to promote their work or brand, but it got really annoyng after a while because they would just hold up the road and refuse to move at a decent pace. After the first 600 metres or so the road opened enough to beak into a comfortable jog. While the others from The YP Foundation decided they wanted to walk the 7.5 kms, me and Navroz decided we wanted to see how fast we could finish. Thus we decided to break away and hustle on. About 15 minutes later I realised something which I may have underestimated, I am really not in good shape! My lung capacity was shot to shit. Still, I’m proud of the fact that I still ran most of it, was upright and even chipper by the finish and managed to do it in 49 minutes. Not bad for someone who hasn’t worked out in like 8 months.

The post-marathon was by no means an ordeal any easier. Having parked my car near Central Secretariat me and Navroz went to take the Shuttle service back. It wasn’t till we were on the bus that we were informed by a fellow passenger that the bus was going to The Hyatt, the other way essentially. So when we got till R.K.Puram I decided to get off and just take an auto home, coming back for my car after I got home and changed. Thus Navroz and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get an auto to take us all the way to Jamia, and ofcourse none of the idiots who actually stopped (and they were amongst the minority) wanted to go that far. And we couldn’t get dropped off somewhere half way because we had both, in our incredible genius, decided to leave our wallets in our bags (which were then with a friend who was going to drop them off at my place). It essentially got to the point that I was screaming obsenities on the road and walking backwards sticking my thumb out like in the movies (point to not: that doesn’t work here). But glory be, after many failures we finally got an auto to stop and when we asked him “Bhaiya Jamia?” his response almost made me jump for joy “Kaha? Tikona Park tak?” So there we were, laughing at our situation, but finally headed back home. The rest was rather uneventful (other than my friend’s two Choreo students showing up in an A4 to drop off my bag). I changed, dragged my driver out to drop me to my car, jumped in and gunned it back to office to make in 10 minutes early for my lunch meeting.

Sigh. You’d think at this point someone would go, “Man. What a day!” and put his feet up, not me it seems. Part II of the day is still to come. To be continued…


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