Whiskey and Vodka and Beer, Oh My!

Now that I have FINALLY got over the fatigue that ensued and flushed the intoxicant from my system (well some of it at least) I sit down to totally marvel in what was a most amazing end to a pretty awesome week. So it began with the rising of the Id moon, signalling the end of ramzaan. I revelled in the satisfaction of knowing I had faithfully denied myself the artificial joy created by intoxicants for the entire month, flushing my body and rejuvenating my spirit. Needless to say I celebrated by at once joining my brothers in a round of Leffes. Id day was quite quaint. I ran around the house all morning welcoming guests and ushering gifts and flowers in to the back room (the flowers btw were probably enough to open a whole florist store). Come afternoon my wonderful friends dropped by to join me in Biryani and some fun conversation (thanks for coming guys). All in all, a good day, Idi levels little lower than past years, but I still made 2500. Not too shabby.

Come midnight, the celebrations began anew as the three khurshid brothers banded together with a few friends over stiff glasses of Glen Drummond Single Malt. There was toasting and boasting and a few good laughs had. A nice start to a brilliant day. Come morning I made my way to college, ever mindful of the fact that a bout of severe illness in the starting term had dragged my attendance down. Was met by friends and well-wishers, and though the day was hot and the sweat flowed freely, I didn’t mind, it was my birthday. Pattie took me for a really good lunch at United Coffee House in C.P, all the time dumbfounded by the fact that I had never heard of this place before. We had a delicious mutton dish with naan (and a questionable paneer starter). There was also a cake, but apparently I wrecked the elaborate surprise by showing up early. So me! After that we went back home and spent the most glorious day together- watching TV, talking and stuff.

For dinner that night I took some of my closest mates to Ano Tai in Vasant Continental in Vasant Lok. The place was nice, the dinner delicious, wine and beer a plenty and the company… divine. It was truly a wonderful experience toasting my 22nd with the closest and dearest next to me. After party followed when Aga, Misra and I headed back to my place for more conversation, picture-taking and some malt on the rocks.

Now finally I come to the piece de resistance (French students feel free to correct me if that is mis-spelt). The party. For those who know me really well (and one who learnt the hard way) I am quite paranoid and anal, especially about throwing parties or arranging plans. I spent much of the day fretting and pacing about the DJ not getting there, the booze not arriving in time, the kebabs being late, the speakers sounding iffy, etc. etc. And then there were the cancellations, each bringing with it the fear that a dozen more wouldn’t make it. But all in all, the company was great. Most of my friends showed, with the exception of the one or two who were dearly missed (Sik and Vash, sucks you didn’t make it guys). We had beer on tap, a new feature this time, though that didn’t last too long. Have way through the party I was told we need to throw some pints in to the ice buckets because the TWO KEGS of Hoegarden and Stella Artois were finished. Apparently I underestimated my brother’s AISEC-er buddies and their capacity to drink (just drink mind you, not hold it in necessarily) Still, this being a Khurshid party, plan B was already ready, Budweisers were chilling and more reinforcements of Hoegarden and Stella were sent the same way. Lets just end it with, there was much booze had, much dancing done and pictures taken; many new friends celebrated, and old ones rejoiced; great gifts gotten (Yogesh and Anuja – You guys Rock!) and an all around great time had.

Advice for future me… this one’s gonna be hard to top…

– Zafar Khurshid (C)


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