Lane Driving? Insane Driving!

I was driving back from college the other day after giving the fourth in a series of exams that just feel like they’re never going to end (okay I’m exaggerating just a tad, the last one is day after) when I got stuck, for what felt like the hundredth time, behind some idiot who just couldn’t seem to pick a lane. His car was half in the right lane, through which I was attempting to proceed, and partly in the middle lane. Now, even though I have my moments of road (well I wouldn’t go as far as to call it Rage, let’s use the word Ticked-Off-ness) I decided to be patient and give the man a light honk to let him know that I would like to get by. There was, ofcourse, no response. I mean this idiot is merrily moving in between the two lanes, denying me the chance to go by on his right, it being insanely rash and dangerous to try and swerve around his left due to other cars. What the heck goes through there minds, people like these? No indicator, no real indication whatsoever that he was actually switching lanes, just a general air of oh I think I’ll drive as bloody selfishly as possible.

I thought to myself, we really should have driving schools where annoying drivers like these should be forced to go if its evident that such complete morons. But then it occurred to me, that won’t really solve anything will it? The guy knows how to drive, he just doesn’t have the basic road conscience, which is missing in most drivers in Delhi actually. I mean please! Have some respect and consideration for other people on the road. Okay I understand if you don’t want to drive in a hurry or necessarily go fast, but don’t refuse to move and hold up people behind you. I f you’re changing lanes, use the damn turn signal. And for the love of god, pick a lane!

What these people really need isn’t driving instruction, they need to made to go to mandatory driving simulations where someone drives in front of them putting them through all the bullshit they subject other drivers to. Maybe that will teach them a lesson.

– Zafar Khurshid (C)


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