For Her

At a time of crisis
At a time like this
You feel like crying
You wish you wouldn’t
You feel like dying
You know you shouldn’t

I’m standing here
My lips are shaking
My legs are putty
Like the earth is quaking

I look to my mother
Her tears falling upon the dirt
I look to my father
Who stands strong, not saying a word

I hope you are happy now
Free of sickness and pain
An I hope one day
We will all be together as a family again

At a time of crisis
At a time like this
When death’s sweet lips
Have given you their final kiss

About 6 and a half year back I lost my elder sister. She was sick much of her life growing up and when I was in the 10th Grade she passed away, after a long time of fighting kidney failure. I regret every moment that I think of her that I never got to know her better. She was a rare and kind person, even if as a younger brother I couldn’t see that then. This poem, an amalgamation of the words I wrote then, and a reflection of what I remember now, are for her. My sister. Ayesha.

– Zafar Khurshid (C)

2 thoughts on “For Her

  1. I remember her well Zafar…she was an angel then, still is now and will be for eternityI also know the pain having lost an elder sister myself…the pain is the same no matter when you lose a siblingBut your Mom n Dad have much to be proud of the way all their kids have turned out…remember her with a smile on your face & in your heart and she’ll smile back at you just like in her photographs

  2. I do respect ur emotion.Have always deep breath and remember ur sister.we shall be witnesses in the Haven for loving poem in which ur pain is like a drops on the earth in a rainy season. Looking good although it pain. I read all of ur poem but it great work.Kamran malik

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